Day: January 3, 2018

Things That Go “Ding” in the Night…

…and afternoon, and early morning.

The humans’ appliances make all sorts of noises.  The big cooling box in the kitchen gurgles and sputters when it’s defrosting itself.  The heating/cooling whooshes on and off.  The dishwasher hums and makes running-water noises.  The washer makes bleepy sounds as it’s programmed and has a decided “thunk!” that signals the end of a cycle.  The dryer buzzes to instruct the humans to clean the lint filter and beeps to indicate power-up and program selection.

Lately, the dryer has been a lot more sing-y.


I’ve helpfully adjusted it so that it powers itself up and makes all the noises at once, at odd hours of the day and night.  It’s so ready to help!

And here’s the best part–not only is the tweedle-eedling at random intervals distracting and wasteful of energy, the human female can’t stop worrying that it’s going to do more than power up, that it’s going to start tumbling, get REALLY hot, and burn the house down.   She’d unplug it between loads, but the outlet is behind the dryer, which is bulky and extremely heavy.

Bleeple-deep!  Ehehehehehehe!

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