Day: January 4, 2018

Back to the Museum–A Biosafety Level 2 Exhibit

While Sigyn and I were admiring all the glass paperweights at the museum the other day, we noticed that there was another exhibit in one of the other rooms.  We didn’t have time to look at it then, so we’re back here today to check it out.

The artist has painted portraits of some beautiful women—though none are as comely as my beloved Sigyn!


Uh, oh.  These beauties look a little speckley, wouldn’t you say?  A tad rash-y?

Upon closer inspection, they are all afflicted by hundreds of little bull’s-eye-shaped welts and multicolored hives.  You can see that the artist has very carefully recorded the appearance of this condition.  This is someone’s nose:


It is amazing that, from a distance, these pustules produce the illusion of beauty.  Beware!   This is an extreme form of human disease called pointillism or dot pox.  This is a very dangerous disease–it can make you  break out in spots!  Everything you touch then becomes contaminated with little dots.  Recovery from this malady is spotty, at best.

And it is quite contagious:  At the end of the exhibit, there is a table with paper and colored pencils where one can do a test drawing and see whether one has contracted the malady while observing the paintings.  Sigyn has opted to draw me.

Oh, Sigyn.  You poor thing.


I am so sorry I brought you here and exposed you to this.  Let us hope there is a cure!

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