Day: January 9, 2018

A Late Yule Gift, Part I: Parts is Parts

It is an unfortunate fact of the universe that I myself am not immune to chaos and misfortune.  In fact, it happened recently.  Something I ordered online for Sigyn did not come in time for Yule.  I was most seriously displeased. 

It has arrived today, though.  If I am quick, I can have it assembled for her by the time she gets home from yoga.

Not sure “quick” is going to be an option, though…


By Gungnir!  Look at all these pieces!

walker 2

Ordinarily, I will do anything to avoid admitting there’s something I don’t know.  But this is for Sigyn, so it’s important.

I think I need to fetch some help…

walker 3

…to be continued

>|: [