Day: January 12, 2018

I Have to Hand it to Her

The  human female, as noted previously, is part magpie. She is always picking up bits of flotsam and jetsam, especially twinkly flotsam and sparkly jetsam.  Occasionally, though, she’ll pick up other stuff, even if it’s ragged and nasty.  (Hmm.  That would explain her  wardrobe…)

Hmm- –it looks like she’s been out “gathering” again.


I have no clue what they’re from, or why one has a hole in the middle.  But at least they are almost our favorite colors.  (That red’s plenty orange, if you ask me.)

I can’t imagine what she plans to do with them.  Spaghetti tongs?  Cat spankers?  Really gaggy tongue depressers?

Let’s see…. Uh, huh.  Just as I thought.  If we make them clap, we get a pretty good plasticky “slap.”

A little online searching has turned up their provenance and use.

I will tell Sigyn that we can use them to applaud the human female every time she does something right, like making lunch or taking out the garbage.  Positive reinforcement, if you like.   (She’s a little…. slow, but I’m hoping she can be trained to perform simple tasks.)


In reality, I plan to take one little collection of fake phalanges in each hand and SMACK them together right under nose every time she nods off over her computer or does that staring-into-space thing that creeps me out.   A good startle never hurt anyone.

>|: [