Day: January 15, 2018

How Much Can We Cram Into One Day? Part I: Whirliest of Whirlwinds

What a wonderful thing it is to travel to a tropical paradise when the rest of the country is so cold!   Warm sun, swaying palm trees, blue water.  Just look at that view!


Unfortunately, that is a postcard that came in the mail.  I’ve arranged it so that the humans won’t be getting a vacation until May at the earliest.

Instead, the humans have grabbed one of their friends and are headed to the Big City to the South for a whirlier-than-whirlwind micro vacation.  Sigyn and I have tagged along because we do not care to be left alone with the Terror Twins.

We are at the big Museum of Stuff  That Happened a Good Ways Back.  This exhibit is all about knights and armor.

I love a good armor.

Here I am with a formidable castle in the background.


It’d do as my headquarters for world domination.  It’s a bit on the small side, but in a pinch….

A nice set of upper armor—


If you want to look like a pinecone. 

Now we’re talking!  Come to Loki…


A fellow can never have too  many stabby things.

There is an interactive area in the exhibit where one can try out various activities.

Go away.  I am playing with the blocks now.


Another interactive thingummy lets you design your own coat of arms.  This is mine:


Green, pointy at the top, and with a cunning little snake.

Sigyn is having fun looking at all the details on the armor.

Here’s a brave stalwart.


Brandishing some garlic.  As one does.

Here are a couple of smiley dragonlets.


And on the stock of a crossbow, a happy little griffin-ish critter.


You folks can keep looking at armor and shields and things.  I’m going back to the stabby things.

>|: [