Day: January 19, 2018

Things Are All Fine Here, Except… (Part I)

The human female resolved at New Year’s to be a little more on top of things.  (She has delusions of adequacy.)  It’s all working out pretty well, except— I’ve been helping.

She’s noticed a spot on the dining room floor that needs cleaning up.


Except that isn’t a spot!  It’s place where the top layer of the linoleum is flat-out missing.   It showed up not long after the Terror Twins did.

Think there’s a connection?

The human female, always striving to be more ecologically conscientious, saves and recycles plastic and paper bags, which is a good thing.


Except my furry little minion there thinks the whole project is a toy stash, with some buried treasure at the bottom which must be excavated.   Regularly.

Oh, I tell you, I am getting so much mileage out of the felines!

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