Day: January 22, 2018

Things Are All Fine Here, Except… (Part II)

The human female really does try to mend and repair and just generally keep entropy at bay around here.

Take this, for instance.  I found it on her sewing table.  It has the look of something that is an integral part of something else.


No doubt she is saving it to reunite it with the other bits of…whatever.  I really haven’t the faintest notion what this goes to.  Sigyn, do you have any idea?


I mean, it looks like a potato-masher, but without most of the mashy bits.

Oh, clever Sigyn!  You found another piece in the human female’s backpack.   That was very brave of you.  A body could get lost in there.


Anyway, it would appear that what we have are two parts of a chip-clip. Those things are very handy.  They can hold all sorts of things together.  And the magnet on the back—so useful!


You’d think all we need to do is find the third piece, the other yellow, grippy bit.  When we find it, the human female can reassemble the clip and keep all the separate pieces from ending up in the landfill.

Except I found the missing piece the other day and was playing with it and, well…  sometimes I don’t know my own strength.


Maybe we can at least pry the magnet out and save it.  Magnets are handy and useful things.

Odin’s eyepatch!  This thing is in here good and tight.  Even with my phenomenal Frost Giant strength, I can’t seem to pry it loose.


Which is weird when you consider that, nine times out of ten, the magnets just drop right out on their own.

>|: [