Day: January 23, 2018

Things Are All Fine Here, Except… (Part III)

The humans try to save money wherever they can.  One thing they’re adamant about is not paying for packaging.  They have a collection of spice jars which they refill from the bulk bins at the store, rather than buying new jars.

Looks like today is Refill Day.

Sigyn likes the cumin.  It’s a warm flavor, very savory and tasty in so many things.

Also soft to sit on.


The human male is a big fan of black pepper.  This should keep him in speckles for a while.


Everyone in the house likes oregano, so buying in bulk is a good thing.

Except that today they had only a few tablespoons left.  The human female bought everything she could get out of the canister, but it still wasn’t enough for the scale to weigh.  The young man in the store had to write the price on the bag with a marker.  A whole thirteen cents!


Which was fine with the human female.  Except that when she checked out, the clerk weighed it there and said it was twenty-six cents.

Oh, well, all’s well that ends…



Hang on, sweetie, Loki’s coming.

>|: [