Day: January 26, 2018


Remember the mystery package that turned out to be a very large, very unhappy whiteboard?  I proposed a betting pool as to whether the board would still be languishing in the stockroom in the new year.  I didn’t have many takers, but the time has come to call the question.

The human female was finally able to get the Vendor Named “Estado”  (VN”E”) to understand the problem.  They agreed to ship out a replacement, which didn’t come and didn’t come.  When asked for an explanation, they told the human female that there was some problem with delivery and that it had been rerouted to a warehouse.  Said warehouse, thanks to my tinkering with their inventory, was massively backlogged, and VN”E” said that the warehouse was clearing the oldest  merchandise first.  No ETA!  Sorry, human female.   Guess it ‘s time to pull out more of your rapidly graying hair.

Just to keep her on her toes, I had the new whiteboard show up almost immediately it the stockroom.  The human female and her staff unpacked it carefully.  This one was fine.  Apart, of course from NOT HAVING A PACKING SLIP BECAUSE THAT WOULD JUST MAKE SENSE.

The human female called VN”E”, and they emailed her a packing slip, so things were just peachy.  You know, apart from having the damaged one still sitting in the stockroom.

The human female emailed and called VN”E”  again and was given a very reassuring and precise window of time for when the cursed whiteboard would be collected.

The window opened and shut.  And apparently is rusted shut.

It’s still heeeeeeeere.

If any of you had the “never” square, you win.

And to put the office-supply cherry on the workplace sundae, nothing has been done by the outsourced maintenance folks toward hanging the good one.

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