Day: February 5, 2018

I Have a Bad Feeling About This… Part I: The Prep

Someone let the human female near scissors again.  I ask you, who thought this was a good idea?

It seems another baby quilt is in the works.  Actually, I love it when she quilts.  There are SO MANY opportunities for me to meddle.  The potential for frustration, if not downright disaster, is simply enormous.

She has carefully planned things out on graph paper.


Looks like it involves consonants and little stick figures.

Here is what she calls her “focus fabric.”


Oh! That reminds me—“kitsch” is a really useful Scrabble word.

Now, here.  Look at this!  Let’s call him “Pie Guy.”  What is this fellow eating?!  It’s not blueberry pie.  He has a slice of cherry pie on his plate.


Sigyn doesn’t know either.

So what is the blue stuff??  Whatever it is, he seems to be enjoying it, and it apparently goes well with grits.


>|: [