Day: February 7, 2018

I Have a Bad Feeling About This… Part III: Measure Twice, Cut Once… Blast It.

Ah!  Now the weapons come out!  Be careful, Sigyn–that rotary cutter is sharp!


Or, rather, it would be, if I hadn’t dulled the blade cutting tin foil so that she had to run over every cut three times.

She has now changed the blade, but I got to that one too.  I love it when she gets frustrated!

(later) She eventually went out and bought some new blades.  I was hoping for a nice finger-slice, but sadly, the only result was a pile of neatly-cut fabric.


You, uh, mis-centered Rope Boy there…

Oh, and see these?


It’s a stack of very carefully cut 8.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles.  She cut them so that all of the various buckaroos (what a weird Midgardian word.  “Buckaroo.”  “BUCKaroo.”  “buckAroo.”  “buckaROO.”  Nope.  Sounds silly any  way you say it) on the fabric are represented in the pieces.  She has eight vertical and eight horizontal, for the borders.  Very precise.  Very clever.

Very WRONG.  Despite the fact that the pattern was designed BY HER, she has managed to foul it up spectacularly.  She didn’t need eight vertical and eight horizontal pieces that size, she needed four each of vertical and horizontal 18.5″ x 4.5″ pieces.

Great Frigga’s corset!  What a monumental blunder!  Wrong number, wrong size!  Hey, mortal!  That 1 in front of the 8 on the piece list YOU drew up?  It makes a difference.

She has been fiddling with her design and racking her brains, but there really isn’t a way to make the smaller pieces work, even with adding in other bits and changing the design.  She will simply have to re-cut them.  Now it will be touch and go to see if she can manage to eke them out of what buckaroo (there’s that word again!) fabric she has left.  It’s going to be dicey!  I’m betting the little fellers won’t end up nicely centered and that they’ll all have their heads at least partially removed.  So long, Pie Guy and Rope Boy.  It was nice knowing you.

>|: [