Day: February 15, 2018

A Perfect Present

The human female’s birthday was on Tuesday.   She has now passed up merely “old” and is rapidly approaching “decrepit.”  I did not observe her birthday or get her anything, because, really, what did she do?  She was born.  Her mother did all the work.  If you ask me, SHE deserves the consolation prize for putting up with such a child for so long.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  My sweetie and I spent a lovely evening canoodling.  The humans, boring couple that they are, went to sleep early.  I did not send them any valentines because a) I don’t love them and b) I’m cheap.

Today, though, my conscience has pricked me just a bit.  I have relented.  Taking advantage of the post-holiday sales, I bought the human female a tiny box of chocolates and these lovely snapdragons.


They should suit her very well.

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