All Ready For The Presentation

The human female has identified a source of biodegradable lab gloves that break down in a landfill in just a couple of years, instead of hundreds.  I actually support this idea wholheartedly.  Not, of course, because I really care about the environment, but because the gloves are green.

She is putting together a presentation to pitch widespread adoption of these gloves throughout the A&M system.  It is full of boring charts and tables about elasticity, degradation in a landfill, blah, blah, blah.  snore.


I think I’ll tag along and help her out.  It’s always fun when the room’s projector won’t work with someone’s version of Powerpoint.  Or when the presenter has the choice of the room seeing the slides but she not being able to see her notes on her computer, OR the entire room getting to see the slide-plus-speaking-notes version.

She’s taking along some business cards in case anyone wants to talk to her ever again after what’s sure to be like a train wreck you can’t look away from.   Cards are a great idea!  I think I’ll make some of my own…


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