Did You Ever Go Shopping and Not Find Anything Good?

The humans are out and about, doing some poking in various emporiums.  Being a little bored, I’ve tagged along.

First stop, the grocery store.


I don’t know much about mortal children and their fascination with dinosaurs, but I can tell you that making kale and spinach into little bilgesnipe shapes would not have induced me or my brother to eat them.   (shudder)  I’m the actual god of mischief and I would never have come up with such a hideous idea.

We’re at the bookstore now.


Augh.  I can’t go anywhere without running into his stupid face.

>|: [

One comment

  1. Loki, fortunately the human beings that feed you live in a location where food choices are possible and unbelievably abundant. Our one grocery source in small town Lexington, Lee County, TX, has degenerated to where the community is a virtual food desert. Yes, we have a meat market and a Dollar Store, several convenience stores,.but the well-stocked grocery store of previous years has been becoming and is now a disaster. I am still able to drive to surrounding stores to purchase basic food stuffs. But so many in our community are not. Thanks for listening, Loki.

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