Day: February 26, 2018

Everything Works Out

The human female is sick.  She’s got a barky cough that would put a seal to shame, and various goos oozing from her nose and eyes.  You’d think that would put a damper on the mood in the household, but you’d be wrong.  It doesn’t bother me at all.  Everything is working out fine.

She’s is currently sitting on an uncomfortable chair, wearing a face mask and waiting to see a doctor.  She’s playing games on her tablet to pass the time.  Look at that!  She has won over 1,000 games of something called “Penguin.”  It makes me wonder… When did she start?  Is that some sort of record?  How far could she go?  What happens if I push this little button right here?  Poink!  And I thought I’d be bored!


Hmm.  The doctor has pronounced the old nag, “Fit to take out behind the barn and shoot.”  I could have told him that.

Now she’s at the pharmacy, waiting on one of those drugs that’ll make her feel three-quarters dead before it makes her feel better.  But Sigyn and I are enjoying hanging out (literally) in this jasmine planted by the parking lot.  It’s the first, best blooming thing we’ve seen this spring!


So you see, it’s a great day!

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