Day: March 7, 2018

Midgardians Don’t Need My Help

Some days I think it is going to take years of hard work to achieve the complete domination of Midgard and its denizens.  Other days, I’m pretty sure the foolish mortals are going to stupid themselves out of existence and I’ll have no populace left to rule over.

Case in point:  In this part of the realm, the citizens got together today to choose those who would contest (at a future date) to rule them.


I wasn’t allowed to participate.  Some silly thing about aliens not being allowed to vote or my not having the proper identification or splashing all the campaign signs with green paint and pasting on “Loki for God Emperor” stickers.  One of those, probably.

But as I said, with choices like these, all I need to do is sit back and wait for Midgard to drop into my lap like a ripe plum.  Behold this idiot’s legal name:


Lest you think one faction has a monopoly on absurdity, take a look at the other slate of options:


Oh, yes, that’s the one you want.

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