Day: March 26, 2018

Critters, Right On Cue

We are still walking.  There’s a little more grass, here and there, but still nothing to eat or drink.


More worrying is that I seem to remember that this realm—whatever it is— is full of dangerous creatures, several of whom tried to make a meal of my beloved the last time we were here.  I wonder if we shall encounter fierce beasts again?

Name him and he shall appear!  Ugh!  What is this slimeous thing?!


No! Sigyn! Don’t touch it!  It might be venomous!


Oh, it’s friendly?  Okay, but still–be careful!  You know that slime doesn’t come out of velvet.

By Jörmungandr pointy teeth!  I remember this armored killer!  Last time we encountered something like this titan, it did in fact try to eat my Sigyn.  We escaped only by outrunning it, which isn’t as easy as one might think.  It’s ponderous and slow, but very determined and taking big strides like a chelonian juggernaut.


Wait, what?  Get down from there!


Sigyn?! What were you thinking?  That thing could snap you in half like a stalk of cute red celery!

Sigh.  Sigyn relies entirely too much on her ability to charm animals of all sizes.  But perhaps this time we can use it to our advantage.  If this thing has to drink sometime, perhaps we can hitch a ride to someplace more hospitable.

>|: [