Bee Careful–You Don’t Know What’s Out There…

That giant, lumbering critter carried us quite a way.  Its rolling gait lulled Sigyn into a light doze.  Me?  Just made me motion sick.  I was glad when it stopped and indicated that that was as far as it was prepared to carry us.

Unfortunately, we were deposited in an area that, while lush, was devoid of recognizable food plants.  We found something that looked like a palm, and I was hoping for dates or coconut-oid fruits, but no.


Just wicked, wicked prickles.  (Hmm.  I wonder if it has any viable seeds at the moment?  The armament on this baby is quite impressive.  I wouldn’t mind planting a few of these around the palace I will eventually build…)

Ho!  What have we here?  I do believe we may have finally found something edible!  Doesn’t it look like the citrus we have back home?


Sigh.  You couldn’t wait for me to test it with magic, could you?  You had to taste it?


I take it the verdict is “not nummers“?

Perhaps the windfall is old and yucky.  Sigyn has volunteered to climb the tree and taste a fresh one.


Oooh.  Still no joy.

But she says the flowers “smell divine.”


Be careful up there, dearest!  Sweet flowers attract pollinators, and there’s no telling what sort of grotesque arthropod-analog this realm has!


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