Day: March 31, 2018

Parting Words (Sigyn Speaks)

We’re going home!  The Great Goober’s mumbled slurrings were, “Perhaps,” and the inducement of enormous gems was apparently sufficient to convince him to help us out.  Oh, I’m so glad!   It’s been an adventure, but I’m ready to go home to the humans and the cats and the spring wildflowers, which must surely be out by now!

Besides, the longer we stay, the greater the likelihood of Loki doing or saying something completely unforgivable.  I recall that the Goober has a short temper, and I would hate to fall afoul of him or his large, plushy wife.

And it seems that the Queen want to speak to us before we leave!  Here we are in her private audience chamber, where she is enjoying another of her Paul Bunyan-worthy s’mores.


“I am pleased to have met you tiny folk.  I hope you will visit again sometime, but that your magic, Green One, may improve enough not to land here wildly, without reason or direction, but that you may send yourselves—or better yet, your sweetie alone–directly here to me.  You may leave now, Tiny Horned Man.  I would speak with her without your troublesome presence.”

Oh, dear.  Loki will not be pleased with that.  He’s grumbled off, but I’m sure to hear about all this later.


“You’ll have to keep a sharp eye on that man of yours, Little One.  He’s sly, he’s manipulative, and he doesn’t have manners enough to remove his helmet in the presence of ladies.

“If you’ll take some advice from One Who Knows:  You have to let him think he’s winning. That he’s in charge.  Play to that egregious ego.  I get the feeling he’d do anything for you, so keep him busy taking care of you, and maybe he’ll stay out of trouble.”

Thank you, my Queen.  I mostly do that already.

“Smart woman.  Now, would you care to share this s’more with me?  There is plenty!”


Don’t mind if I do.  Mmmm.  Melted chocolate!


Oh, no!!  What do I do?!  Loki has Iggle-Nix cornered and has challenged him to a duel!  (This is carrying taking care of me too far!)


No, Loki!  Please stop!  I…I know he’s kind of creepy, and I don’t like the way he looks at me, but please don’t fight him!   You don’t know what he can do with all of those tentacles!


Oh!   Oh!   Are you all right!  Are…?

Augh!  No!  Don’t kill him!  If you do, the Great Goober will be mad and we’ll never get home!


Stop it, Loki!  Let him up!  I’m too young to be a widow!

Thank you.  Now, let’s go home.

Pffft!  Boys.

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