Day: April 3, 2018

Flowers, Fords, and Flights, Part II: The Ford

That much-vaunted aircraft is still not here.  I suppose it’s only to be expected that is flying about somewhere out there, but I do not have all day.  I have mischief to cause!  Yet here we sit, cooling our heels…

Although I suppose we could cool them over there by that…primitive-looking vehicle.


I am not sure of the purpose behind its presence at an airstrip.  Perhaps it is to remind the mortals of how far they’ve come in a century or so.  Clunky, undependable, black rattletrap to clunky, unreliable, don’t-know-what-color-it-is-yet-since-it-is-still-not-HERE, flying tin-can.  Truly–it is remarkable progress!


The owners seem to be proud of it, however.  The hood is quite shiny, and the headlamps are polished.  There is a large Dipteran in the grille, however, so minus several hundred points for that. 

There is still nothing happening on the airstrip.  I am growing bored, and a bored Loki is an extra mischievous Loki…


Do you know–this machine is so simple that bet I could drive it, even without instruction..

Hop in, Beloved, and let us see how fast this old bucket of bolts will go.


You work the pedals; I’ll steer!

>|: [