Day: April 5, 2018

Flowers, Fords, and Flights, Part III: The … Other Ford

Sorry about the interruption yesterday.  I just couldn’t let the fecklessness of the students pass by, and it made such a good wordless post.  We are actually still at the airfield.

Sigyn, do you hear that?  What is that dreadful racket?

Oh.  It is the long-awaited aircraft, FInally.


That?  That thing….flies?


The human male says it is a “Ford Tri-motor” and that it was made by the same people who made the old car.  It truly does not look as if it should be able to fly.

The people in the garish vests have positioned a crate-like object so that the crew may enter and exit.  Let us sit up here and stay out of their way.


Very well, they are finished.  Odin’s eyepatch!  Up close, it is even more of a wonder that this craft is air-worthy.  It is made of corrugated metal.  Like a tool shed with wings.


And they will let people ride in it?  And people will PAY them to do so?  Thank you, but no.  I don’t trust it.


I mean, the human male says that the whole reason it has three motors is so that it can keep flying should one or two of them FAIL.  And did you feel the way the wing wobbled as we climbed up?

Also note the cables running the length of the outside of the plane.  The controls inside actually yank on them to move the tail rudder and other aeronatical bits and pieces.  What if one of those cables should… I don’t know… Just happen to snap?


I must admit, however, that the engine has a strange, appealing symmetry.  It looks very powerful.

Also as if it might fall off.

Well, would you look at that!  It is older than the human female!  (I thought she predated powered flight.)


It is even older than the human female’s mother.  And it appears to have had some real adventures.

I have been in better movies, though.

Sigyn wants to peer inside.  I have no objection.


That is…narrow.  And low.  Watch your pretty head, my love!

The controls look simple enough.  (No more complex than a car, certainly!)


I bet I could fly this..


What do you think, Sigyn?


You work the pedals and I’ll steer!

>|: [