Day: April 10, 2018

At Last, At Last, At Last…, Part II: They Also Come in Pastel

Not everything here is in screaming Technicolor.  Some of the flowers are very subtly hued, and they come in quite an array of sizes.

The sweet clover has small, soft yellow flowers.  (snurrf!)  It smells delicious.  Not the flowers, the whole plant.   Mmmm.  New-mown hay…


But my sweetie smells better, any day.

Great Frigga’s corset!  What is that high-pitched noise?!  Oh.  It’s just Sigyn squealing.


What is it, my love?  What has you so tickled?  This teensy little daisy?  I guess if you like your blossoms on the small side, it has a certain charm.

Ehehehehe.  Sigyn has just met her first false indigo.  I’ll say it’s false!  It’s not indigo at all!  It’s a sort of yellowish cream color.  It’s a weird plant.  It makes green mounds in open, grassy areas, with the flower clusters poking out from around the base of the plant.  To my mind, from a distance, they look like a fleet of spaceships staging an invasion.


Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.  I tried it once.  Didn’t end well, but I’ve learned a few things and my next attempt will be much better, you can be sure.

>|: [