Day: April 13, 2018

Of Stools and Boxes

The human female recently ordered twenty-four stools for the lab rooms.  The students insist on sitting on them, and some of them are pretty… hefty, so there is a slow but steady attrition.  Prep Staff fixes what they can, but at some point they’re irreparable and have to be taken out and shot.

The order went through nearly without a hitch, though it did involve multiple emails and phone calls to arrange their delivery from Central Receiving and then to the loading dock at the human female’s building.

They’ve just come in and the human female and her staff have hauled them all upstairs.  Some of the boxes arrived rather mashed, but that turned out to be because of the utter dearth of packing material.

All the stools are fine, truly!

Well, mostly.  Look at this.


The two pieces of the little feet are supposed to be centered on the bottoms of the legs.  They’re put on at the factory by Eddie the Foot Guy.

Eddie, you had one job…

The stools came in twelve huge boxes, two to a box.  That is a lot of cardboard to throw away, and it’s a pity to recycle such fine boxes.  Surely we can find some use for them.

I know!  They can be used for mailing things!  I think I’ll take this opportunity to get rid of some unwanted surplus that has been cluttering up the place


Hush your squawking, woman!  I’m sure they can use an over-the-hill botanist over there.

Quick!  Bring the strapping tape!  She’s trying to escape!


>|: [