Day: April 27, 2018

Augh! More Girly Stuff!

Sigyn wasn’t satisfied being in on the stitching lesson for the niecelings yesterday.  Oh, no, not her!  Now she is helping the human female’s sister sort out her sewing box while the mother makes a few alterations in a dress or two.


There are all sorts of thread spools that need winding and tidying.


Aaaaand she goes right for the red one.


Be careful, dearest, I don’t want you to smother in there.

*Yawn*!  This is so boring.

I mean, pins are kind of stabby, and a biggish needle makes a serviceable dagger in a pinch, and I’ve encountered a few seam-rippers that I wouldn’t want to cross, but there is nothing interesting about bobbins…

…and safety pins…

…and bits of elastic…

…and stray buttons…

…and tape measures…

…and loose snaps…

…and roll of pink tape…

…and Sigyn has found the baggie of googly-eyes!


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Gasp!  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  snort! Eehehehehehehee!

You look…ehehehehehe….  Aaaack!  She’s making them wiggle!   whimper.  

Oh, my sides!

Best.  Sewing.   Box.   EVER.

>|: ]