Day: May 17, 2018

A Re-past From The Past

All of this botanizing and traipsing around in the cold wind has made us all hungry.  (The human female is always hungry.   Or that’s what she says, anyway.  It would explain all the eating she does.)

Some of the Plant Nerds have brought lunches, but the human female has raised the idea of going out for lunch instead–a notion that seems to have universal appeal.

There is reportedly a nice little diner back out on the highway, in the nearest small town.  It is called the Fifties Diner, and that’s where we’re headed.

Ah.  Now that we are here and I can see the clientele, I do believe that “Fifties” refers not to any time period in Midgard’s past, but to the average age of the diners.  Nonetheless, it has the appearance of a place the locals frequent, which is always a good sign.

Some of the menu items are a bit…unorthodox.


The human female is too boring to order ‘gator, though.  She’s looking at other options.


She says she has been “jonesing” for a burger for a week.  I’m not sure what “jonesing” means.  From her behavior and demeanor, I gather that it means obsessing over, drooling while thinking about, whining for, and generally being obnoxious.

And here is the burger.  All homemade, right down to the bun and the fries.


It does look good…  Sigyn, you talk about plants or quilting or something and distract her while I slip these goodies off to a pocket dimension where we can eat it all in peace.

>|: [