Day: May 23, 2018

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part II: Everything BUT A Pen

The bizarre postcard is not the only thing in this box.  The pen merchant has included quite a collection of other bits and bobs.

This says, “Chocolate” and we are very hopeful that there is something tasty inside this clever little paper carton.


Hogun’s topknot!  It is just ink!


And it is not even GREEN ink.

There looks to be more ink in this little yellow bag.


Vindication!  One of the ink samples is red and the other is, in fact, green.  I’m sure you can guess what the male’s chances are of actually getting to use either of these…

But wait, there’s more!

There is a little notebook.


And what is this, then?  Could it be?


Is it perhaps?

Wait and see…

>|: [