Day: June 11, 2018

Loki Takes New York, Day 6: On and Off a Bunch of Boats

I think we wore the human male out yesterday.  His knee is bothering him, and he has no interest in activities of a seafaring nature, so he is going to visit a few stores today while the human female pretends to be adventurous and goes off by herself.  Or as by-herself as one can be with a Norse god and my delightful little Sigyn along.

The human female has long harbored (Harbored! Ha!  Nautical pun!) dreams of going to sea on a clipper ship.  Imagine her delight to find out that such an activity is possible here since we are, after all, on an island.

So, like a Big Girl, the human female has hopped the 1 train and taken it all the way to the south end of the island.  She is now looking for the boat.


Found it.

It’s a tall thing, I’ll give it that.


I just had a thought.  The human female has been known to get seasick.  Sigyn, we proabably want to be upwind of her…

Now, supposedly we are going to go out into the harbor via motor, then cut the motor and hoist the sails.  The crew has offered to let the passengers help “haul away.”

Augh!  The human female is doing it!  Just when I thought she couldn’t look any more ridiculous.

Flappity, flappity.  Sails are up!


This craft affords a good look back at the Manhattan skyline.  See that tall one that can’t decide if it wants to be a triangle or a square?


It’s very famous.  Can’t remember what it’s called.  But it’s famous!

Quick!  Look!  There!  Can you see it?  It’s the human female’s favorite building again, there in the background.


All the passengers are pointing and exclaiming about this tall statue on an island in the harbor.


I’m not sure who she is, but I rather like her spiky crown.  Rest assured, however, that when I come to rule Midgard, my statue is going on that island, and my horns will be even better.  And my adoring crowds will be bigger.

Well, that was a short ride.  The human female would have stayed out there all day if someone had let her.   As it was, the crew had to take one of those fending-off-poles and nudge her up the gangplank with it.  (They should have used the pointy ends.)

Sigyn wants to know what this building is.


According to the guidebook, my love, it is a carousel, and all the ridables are meant to look like fish or seashells.  If you really want to ride a fish, Sigyn, I can magic one up for you.  No need to spend too much money on a ticket and then just go in circles on a plastic guppy recently vacated by a toddler in a leaky diaper.

What?  Where is the human female going?  The Staten Island Ferry?!  Great Frigga’s Hairpins, woman!  Have you not had enough boating for one day?


I don’t care if it’s free; the terminal is unpleasantly crowded.  And now the crowd is moving and we are being swept along!  Unless I teleport this instant, I am going on another boat ride.

day6-ferry-leaving Man

Sigh.  Afloat again.


Look.  It’s a bridge or something.

Augh!  Apparently we have come on the ferry just to say we have been on the ferry.  Now, without setting foot out of the terminal, we are waiting for the return trip.  I can’t think of anything more pointless.

At least there is an aquarium to watch while we wait.


Look, Sigyn!  I think that one is happy to see you!

The crowd is just as big on this side.


I spy with my little eye, something beginning with “f.”


At last!  Back on dry land!  The humans and Sigyn are taking in another concert in another church.  I want no part of that, so I think I’ll walk around and take in a few sights.

I think if I survey the area from the top of one of the taller buildings, I can get a real feel for the geography of the island.  Bet I can get a great selfie up here, too.



That was close!

(later.)  We are now in the vicinity of a place called Rocky Fellow Plaza.  It is known for its sculptures.


I’d say he looks more like a BLOCKY fellow than a ROCKY fellow!

Well, what do you know?  It’s another carousel!


Odin’s eyepatch!  This one is even more expensive than the fish one.

(later)  Well, that’s two!  The humans have now tried a second time to get to the top of that very tall building to get a look at the city.  They were once again too late to get a ticket before their old-people bedtime.  Ehehehehehe  They’ll have to go first thing in the morning.  (They can keep trying.  I’ll keep thwarting!)

Nothing for it but to have dinner and call it a day.  The humans have chosen a tavern this evening.  I approve of the color scheme.


I believe I fancy a nice steak this evening.  Sigyn is more interested in carbs, especially cheesy ones.


It’s a rather loud in here, but the ambiance is warm and cozy.


Sigyn is beautiful by candlelight.  Be careful, my love, lest you tumble in!

The male is having fried fish and potatoes.  The squeezy lemon has a little seed poncho.  Fancy!


Sigyn and the female are sharing a pizza.


Supposedly it’s a Margarita pizza, but Sigyn says she can’t taste any tequila.

Well.  It has been a long day.  I could do a little more mischief, but I need to save something for tomorrow, when the human female’s feet should be at peak agony and the male’s knee nearing critical.

It is so easy to mess with old people!

>|: [