Day: June 14, 2018

Loki Takes New York, Day 9: Oh! I Just Want to Live Here! (Sigyn speaks)

Oh, I always sleep so well when it’s rainy, don’t you?  We’re all rested and ready for today’s adventures.  Today we’re going to visit a place I’ve been dying to see since I first read about it years ago.  I’m so excited!

Actually, I just love everything about this city–the parks, the museums, the food, the tall buildings.  Even the cheesy souvenirs!


Maybe I’ll pop in and get the I<3 NY pajama pants for myself—and don’t you think Loki would like a tall building of his very own?  It’s not the one we keep trying to go up, but it’s pretty iconic and it would make a great backdrop for my sweetie.

One subway ride and one very obliging M4 bus, and we are finally here!!!  The Cloisters is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Medieval collection, housed in a specially designed building that looks like a castle!


There are all sorts of Medieval columns and doorways and fountains and statuary and artwork and I just love every little pebble of it!

There are four cloisters (colonnaded courtyards), each surrounded by Medieval or Renaissance columns and just stuffed to bursting with colorful flowers.   This is the Trie Cloister.  The columns, which have very fine, carved capitals, are from near Toulouse in France.  What they must have seen in their lifetime!  I wish they could talk.


Yes, Loki, I’m coming.  (I’d like to stay in the garden all day, but someone’s getting restless!)

Everything here is so beautiful!  If asked, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.  How do you compare a stained glass window to a stone angel to …

Oh!!!!!  Do you see it?!   Look, Loki, do you see it!


It is one of the famous Unicorn Tapestries!  THE most famous unicorn tapestry!   Oh, I never thought I’d get to see one!  The plants are so beautiful and so colorful, even after so many hundred years.  And it’s so big!!!  Oh, it was worth coming just for this.

I’m afraid Loki isn’t as excited about all of this as I am.  I have a feeling he is only humoring me.  He is so kind that way.

Now we are in the Treasure Rooms.  This is where they keep all the tiny things that would be swallowed up in the bigger rooms, and that also need to have better lighting.

What a darling little book!  (Yes, Loki, I am “sure it didn’t come out of a box of Cracker Jack.”)


So beautiful–and not lost over so many years!  I’d better not exclaim too much, or I’m sure Loki would try to get it for me.  

Oh, I think I like this last Cloister the best.  it has quince trees and espaliered pear trees on the wall and those big purple Allium balls.


I could just stay here forever, and I know the botanist-Medievalist in the family feels the same way.  I think the menfolks have had enough art and plants for one day, though, and we did skip lunch.  Time for a quick peep through the gift shop and then a trip home.

We’ve stopped between the bus and the train to get dinner.  It’s a chain eatery, but I hear the food is good.  Loki, you’re going to like what I chose.


Turkey and potatoes and veggies.  Just like Thanksgiving!


We are all pretty ravenous.  Won’t be needing a doggie bag!

(later)  What a lovely day.  And it is not over yet!  Our poor photographer is tired, and his knee hurts so he’s going back to the inn, but there is still a concert left if anyone wants to go.   It’s a free concert, so it looks like we’ll have to wait in this loooong line that goes around the block, but the cathedral is BIG, so we’ll probably all fit in.  Maybe?  At any rate, it’s a pleasant evening, and it’s no hardship to stand under a maple tree for an hour.

We made it.  We’re in!  Oh, this place is huuuge…


I know Loki is probably thinking that all those banners would look better with his device on them in black and gold and green, but he has promised not to do any mischief here tonight.

No, Loki.  I can’t see, but don’t you dare blast those nice people in front of us.  I’m sure the acoustics are just fine and we’ll be able to hear perfectly.

Wow!!!  When they start up the organ, the whole building shakes!  It’s very exciting!

(later) That was wonderful!   Thanks for coming with us, Loki.   We have to walk home in the dark, and I feel so much safer with you beside me.

I’m so glad we came on this trip!

: )