Day: June 15, 2018

Loki Takes New York, Day 10: Hel is an Endless Succession of Art

The tickets from the Cloisters yesterday are good at the main 5th Avenue Met Museum today, so that is where we are headed, after a very late start.  This trip involves the C train to the same station we stopped at for the Natural History Museum (Sigyn is waving hello to all the mosaic animals) and then a short bus ride the width of the Centrally Located Park.

This is one enormous museum.  It is so big that it might almost do for my palace, when I take over Midgard.  Except that it’s on a very busy street and I could certainly do without all the taxis honking.  Not to mention the sticky hordes of plaid-wearing schoolchildren.  Those have got to go.

We are beginning our tour in the Egyptian wing.  Sigyn likes antiquities, though she is a little frightened of mummies.  We can skip the mummies, dearest.  There are plenty of other things to see.

Such as this model of an ancient tomb.


That’s nothing.  The next gallery houses an entire ACTUAL tomb.


The signage says that it was going to be submerged when a dam was built, so they just merrily cut it out of the hillside and brought it here.  I am impressed–I did not think mortals were so willing to do hard work.

Here we are having the obligatory photo taken next to statue of someone important, carved as a sphinx.


If the human female ever stops plucking her stray chin hairs, she’ll have a beard just like this.

Sigyn has made friends with this Greek-era funerary lion.  She says he looks like he needs a friend.


Yes, Sigyn, it does sort of remind me of Snuffy, the lion in the British Museum.  You have a keen eye.

We have left ancient Egypt behind and are now looking at art, art, and more art.  Between yesterday and today, I have reached my MAMAmaximum allowable monthly dose of art.  I believe I am suffering from a surfeit of Medieval altarpieces.

This exhibit of garden-themed paintings is therefore somewhat refreshing.  Sigyn has fallen in love with this colorful rendering of chrysanthemums by someone called Caillebotte.


Where have I heard that name before?  Ah, yes.  Last year.  We saw his painting of people on a bridge.    I did not know he also painted flowers.  I have learned something.  May I go home now?

Vase, vase, statue.  Painting, altarpiece, painting, etching.  Painting, painting, figurine.  Suit of armor, snuffbox, painting, painting, carving.

All of this looking at art from bygone eras and not caring much is making me hungry.  Surely it is time for a late lunch before we all perish?

Luckily, there is a cafeteria with more than pre-packaged sandwiches.  The human female has chosen a healthy salad.


The human male, on the other hand, has chosen something tasty.


I wouldn’t pat the female on the back for her self-discipline too hard, though.  While the male was briefly out of the room the female ate one of his chicken pieces and the rest of his fries…

Moooooore aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart.  This has become my life.  I live in a museum now.  When I die (I no longer wish to be immortal; someone end this misery) just slap an accession number on me and add me to the collection.

Oh, glorious day!  We are concluding the day’s perambulations, in the gift shop.  Yes, please!  Purchase some over-priced tchotchkes and let us be done.

Sigyn thinks this colored pencil set would suit her admirably.  I have to agree.


They look like they would be easy to handle.

We have finished the day tired and footsore.  The male’s knee is quite painful, and the human female says she feels as if she is coming down with something.  (No doubt yesterday’s wandering about in the rain has contributed to that, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow as well.)  We have therefore opted for an international version of chicken soup.


Where are the noodles?!  There were supposed to be noodles!


Oh.  Under the chicken and vegetables.  Very well.  Carry on.

When we return to the inn, let us have a serious discussion about how we will spend the remaining days of our visit to this city.  I advise you mortals to consider your options carefully.  If there is more art involved, there may be Consequences.  

>|: [