Day: June 21, 2018

Back in the Saddle

Adventure over, the humans needs must settle back to work.  Back to students and faculty and vendors and invoices and strange directives from above and, and, and…

…And Workdon’t.  

They really have no room to complain, because I’ve given it a major overhaul.  No need to thank me, it’s a labor of love.  There is a whole new interface for them to enjoy!  (I’ve worked so very hard on it.  Behold!


See?!  It must be improved.  I got rid of all the garish colors in favor of a nice monochrome scheme.

And the icons!  I’m particularly proud of them.  Don’t you think it’s convenient to have the same one for Team Performance,  Performance, and Career?  And for My Team and My Team Management?

And don’t say  you can’t tell the difference between Talent Management and My Team Management?  Those icons are very different.  It’s not my problem if you don’t know what they refer to!

I’ve heard mutterings that folks can’t decipher the symbols on the Benefits worklet.  Seriously?  It’s a heart and a tooth and a pair of spectacles.  Duh.

Best of all–just look at the Time Off icon!  That stuffy old briefcase is gone.  Gone, I say!  Look at it, people!  The suitcase now has zipper pockets.  And wheels!  See?!  It must be better!

Oh–you wanted improvements to how Workdon’t  functions.

Yeah, no.

>|: [