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Loki Takes New York, Day 13: Home Again, Home Again

Wake up, my love, it’s time to get ready to go home.  I know, I know, there are at least three botanic gardens we haven’t been to, but the humans need to get back to Texas and back to work so that they can afford to take us somewhere nice next year.

Blast it!   I had another very good prank lined up, but it has fallen through.  The humans, knowing now that the Air Train involves an inordinate amount of luggage hauling and walking, were easily persuaded that it was a good idea to use one of their last Pass Package options to summon a shuttle to the airport.  The female asked the inn’s concierge how to schedule this.  The concierge, curse her, told the female that such shuttles make stops all over the city and can take HOURS to reach the airport and that they would be better served summoning a taxi.

Which they have done.  (That is eight methods of transportation on this trip!)  I am having to console myself with the fact that the human female, through a combination of stop-and-go traffic and road fumes, is contemplating ending this sojourn by puking here in the back seat.  Um, Sigyn, let’s you and I go sit up front with the driver.

Now we’re at the airport. Very, very early.  Which is good, because I’ve had a little fun with the gate assignments.  Once the human female finally succeeded last night in printing out the boarding passes (a task made insufferable by the inn’s woefully inadequate wifi), the mortals were fairly certain that they were leaving from a C gate.  However, the helpful TSA man scribbled B-something on his pass.

They’re hoping it’s C, because it looks like one reaches the B shuttle via Pet Poop Lane.


They’ve checked the departures board.  There is good news and bad news.

The good news?  It’s C for sure.  And here we are!

day13-gate 60

The bad news?  According to the text the female has just received…


We’re leaving an hour late.

There is definitely time for some lunch then.  What to eat? What to eat?

The human female has quickly chosen a sandwich and some fizzy water.


The sandwich is good, she says, but the cherry water tastes like “melted cough drop.”

The human male has gone to a little shop that will custom make you a sandwich and is patiently waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

“Oh, sorry.  Did you order something, sir?  I’ll get right on that.”   Eh he he he!  That cook will be getting a big tip from me.

(much later)

We took off at 67 degrees F and foggy.  We have arrived to find 99 degrees and blazing sun.  Now, how do we get to the long-term parking lot?

And how much will that bill be?

>|: [

Loki Takes New York, Day 12: Last Chance for Anything

Well, even though it is our very LAST day in the city, and thus our last chance to try to get to any of the sights or shops or events that the humans have on their long, long list of unfinished business, they are most definitely slow off the mark this morning.  AT my nudging, the weather has deteriorated to cold and rainy, the male’s knee is bothering him, and the female is twitchy because she feels certain that whatever they don’t get to see will have been the best thing ever.  They’ve made one false start, going back to the hotel for jackets, so now the day is half gone and tempers are fraying.

Breakfast or lunch?  Breakfast or lunch?  Lunch it is.  We are trying one last international meal.  Sigyn, I’m not sure we’ve sampled any of these things before.


“Soft bean curd?” “Ox-knee jelly bone?!”  Um…  Let’s say I have… reservations.

And, um, please tell me that “Bat” is the name of the proprietor, and not something else that’s on the menu.


I do not think this is what we ordered.  I think this is just the previews.


(nibble, nibble)  Wah!   By Volstagg’s straining belt notch!  Sigyn, I know  you like red, but be advised that the color in the red cabbage and the red potatoes is not due to tomato but instead owes more than a little to our friends of the genus Capsicum.

Ah.  The entrees are here.  The human female has ordered something I didn’t quite catch the name of–it sounded like “beep beep boop,” but I don’t suppose that’s right .


Looks just like egg and vegetables and meat over rice.  Harmless enough, I suppose.  Unless the meat used to like to hang upside down in a cave

I have just learned that our prime destination today is another museum.  Auuuugh!  Shoot me now.

And here we are, dripping and ready resigned to look at more stuff.  Hmm.  The humans say this used to be someone’s house and that most of the contents belonged to him.  That’s a little different.

Now this is what I call a study!


Plushy furniture, silk damask wallpaper, huge display of private opulence.  The sheer excess of it all makes my greedy little heart go pitter-pat.  The tourguide/guard is kind of sour and cranky and is giving the human male and his fancy camera the stink-eye, which is a nice bonus for me!

Off the study is a room-sized steel vault, where Mister Moneybags used to keep the cream of his book crop.


No, I’m not drooling; you’re drooling.

The next room is a vast library full of thousands of volumes, each one worth more than the humans, their felines, and the pitiful entirety of their worldly possessions all rolled together.

Sigyn and I especially like this book, which is open for display.


Why?  If you look closely, you can see that the people in the illumination are having pretzels for supper.


(a bit later)  That was a lot of books!  Most of them old and very rare.  I approve of books, though I wish that they weren’t all locked up.  I’d have liked to page through them.

Now we are in part of the house that is more museum-y.   There’s an exhibit of works by a modern sketch/paint artist.  I can’t say I think much of most of it…


… but this one is making me hungry.

There is one whole room full of engraved cylinder seals from ancient Assyria.  I must admit, these are frankly amazing.  They look like shiny pieces of stone, but when rolled into wet clay, they create very intricate impressions.  When I take over Midgard, I will have to re-institute these as a means of authenticating documents.


Look at that detail!  That lion is so very fierce and lifelike.  Truly fit for a king!  Although, for some reason, I find that I identify with that antelope…

If the seals were astonishing, the collection of autographs in the next room is even moreso.

This one was signed by a man who would become a famous, if doomed, medieval English King.


Hmm.  Perhaps I should practice my flourishy penmanship.  When I come to rule this corner of the cosmos, my scribblings will be worth millions.

That was a pleasant way to while away a few hours.  The humans are hoping the weather has improved while we were indoors.

Not so much.


The skyscrapers have all been cut off about fifteen stories up.  So sad!   If it’s this foggy in the afternoon, there’s no chance at all that there will be clear viewing tonight.  Four tries and four misses!  I have succeeded in doing the humans out of their much-awaited trip to the top of that very tall building.

Faced with that sad reality, they have decided to trek to the human female’s favorite building.  Here it is in all its glory:


In the photograph of it that hangs in its lobby.

And, oh, look!  A photo of it lit up at night!


Eh he he he!  And that’s as close as you’re ever going to get, mortals!

The human male has had enough walking.  The female, despite blisters forming under her blisters, has decided there are a few more things she simply has to see, so now we are striding off in search of a pair of famous statues.

Found them.


She wanted to explore the inside of this building–I take it it’s another library–because a) books! and b) there’s an art exhibit inside she wishes to see, but I can’t pass up an opportunity for some mischief, so they have announced closing time about four minutes after we entered.

Nothing for it now but to go back to the inn and try to decide on a place to eat our last dinner in this city.

(later)  With a predictable lack of imagination, the humans have ended up back at one of the first places they ate at!  More shawarma,  but this time accompanied by these strange dark balls.


The human male says they’re called fall-awful.  And you really propose to eat them?!

Well, Sigyn, that’s pretty much the end of this trip.  We’ve seen a lot of art (possibly too much, but I’m glad you liked it all), and I have some fine ideas for my eventual palace and a few notions of how to make correspondence less dull.  We’ve had some interesting food, looked at some flowers, and tried at least seven methods of transportation that I can think of (plane, foot, train, ferry, sailboat, bus, private car.)

Now there’s nothing left to do except sit back, think over our adventure, and watch the humans try to wedge all the accumulated clobber into their very-overstuffed suitcases…

>|: [


Loki Takes New York, Day 11: I Think I’m Stuck In a “Do” Loop

I think that somehow, somewhere, I must have angered the Powers That Be, because I think I have had this day already.

Wake up, eat yogurt, ride the subway, ride a bus, visit the Met. We did this!  I swear we did this already!   

The human male is resting his knee again today.  Given her choice of ANYTHING to do in this city, the human female has opted to go back to the Met and look at more art.  I would stay in the in and read or nap or stick needles in my eyes or something, rather than go back, but Sigyn is enthusiastic, and I need to keep an eye on her.  I don’t trust the human female not to leave my sweetie behind somewhere.

We are beginning with Egypt again today.  I swear this woman has NO imagination.  We saw mummy stuff yesterday, for Thoth’s sake!

We didn’t see these yesterday, though.  There is a whole room full of model boats, a veritable flotilla of funereal facsimiles.  Or that’s what the labeling says, anyway.   I think these are actually little dioramas left over from some children’s summer craft camp.


We can’t tarry too long in here.  Sigyn has that unfortunate compulsion to moo at bovines, so we had best move along before she starts and we all get thrown out.  Funny as it would be to see the human female bounced from the museum, I know that Sigyn wishes to continue browsing.

Moving along.  There are whole rooms dedicated to armor and weapons!  Maybe today won’t be a total dud after all.

Ah!  Didn’t see this yesterday either!  What a magnificent suit of armor!


My horns are better, though.

(later)  Sigyn and the human female have been standing in front of this one painting for half an hour now.


It’s supposed to show a scene from a famous play.  Let’s see:  historical-ish theme, flowing clothes, graceful figures, cute dog…  Yes, it does indeed tick all of the human female’s boxes for “what makes a good painting.”  I think Sigyn just wants the red dress the one woman is wearing.  And the dog.

Here is a famous painting.


I bet I could get a lot of money for it, if I could pry it off the wall…

Bwahahahahahahaha!  Snort!  Ahahahahahaha!  Perfect!  Great Frigga’s Corset, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  The human female has just done something so quintessentially her.  See this painting?


She was drawn to it because of all the “brilliantly-rendered needlework” on the three fancy fellows.  She read the title card to see who it was by, and the card described a “touching family scene, one in which St. Joseph features prominently.  “Note,” the card says, “the sweet domestic still-life of fruit and wine in the foreground; very unusual for a painting of this kind.”  No mention of kings or gold or anything of that sort.  So she went and found a guide/docent/painting-herder and asked if the Met was quite sure that the right card was on the painting.   That guide/docent/painting-herder went and fetched two more, and they all stood around looking wise and poking at their hand-held computers and debating.  They finally agreed that this was, in fact, NOT the painting identified by the card.  One of the guide/docent/painting-herders identified it as something else entirely.  Apparently, in the last gallery re-shuffle, something went awry.

So the human female, insufferably smug and wearing a ghastly know-it-all smirk, walked around for the next twenty minutes congratulating herself for finding an error in the museum.

It was about then that she realized her purse was missing--money, cards, inn key, identification, Metro pass— all of it.  Zoom!  Genius to idiot in nothing flat.  She had only her phone, and the battery was down to about 10%.  How would she get home to the inn?  How would she board her return flight with no ID?

She consulted the museum map to see where the lost and found might be.  She was able to locate it, and now we are standing at the security desk, looking over.

And there is her purse, contents and all.

I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, of course,  I took her purse while she was gloating and hid it.  But Sigyn was starting to get a little panicky, so I settled for dishing out a heaping helping of crow and called it good.

But the phone is still dying and the day is getting on, and the human female wants to try one more time to get tickets to go up to the top of that tall building.  So, that is Enough Excitement and Enough Art for today!  Goodbye, Met!

(later)  The female was able to procure tickets for 9:10 this evening.  She has caught up with the human male for dinner.  We are back in the tavern-like restaurant, and since the weather is turning cooler and damper, she has ordered a hearty chicken pot-pie and the male, shepherd’s pie.

There’s a huge party ahead of us, so the food is taking quite a while.  Sigyn, while we wait, let us study the view we shall have from the top of the tower.  If we were to go up in daylight, it would look like this:


But since it is going to be dark, it will look like this:


The food has finally arrived!  We shall have to eat quickly if we are to make our ascent time.

I think there is some chicken under this pastry pillow…


We have finished just in time to march smartly down the street for our Rendezvous With the Sixtieth Floor.  It’s finally time!  It’s exciting!

It’s pea-soup foggy.  Ehehehehehe!   That’s three times I’ve prevented them from going!  They’ve exchanged the tickets for tomorrow, which will be the very last chance, since it will be our last day.

Since we are not going up, we have a little time to poke in this novelty store before it closes.

I can’t decide if these are named after me or not.


Odin’s Eyepatch!  No matter where I go, I can’ get away from this idiot’s ugly mug.


On that oafish note, I think I will call it a night.  I crammed a lot of mischief into one day, and I’m a little tired around the edges.

Tomorrow:  the finale!

>|: [


Loki Takes New York, Day 10: Hel is an Endless Succession of Art

The tickets from the Cloisters yesterday are good at the main 5th Avenue Met Museum today, so that is where we are headed, after a very late start.  This trip involves the C train to the same station we stopped at for the Natural History Museum (Sigyn is waving hello to all the mosaic animals) and then a short bus ride the width of the Centrally Located Park.

This is one enormous museum.  It is so big that it might almost do for my palace, when I take over Midgard.  Except that it’s on a very busy street and I could certainly do without all the taxis honking.  Not to mention the sticky hordes of plaid-wearing schoolchildren.  Those have got to go.

We are beginning our tour in the Egyptian wing.  Sigyn likes antiquities, though she is a little frightened of mummies.  We can skip the mummies, dearest.  There are plenty of other things to see.

Such as this model of an ancient tomb.


That’s nothing.  The next gallery houses an entire ACTUAL tomb.


The signage says that it was going to be submerged when a dam was built, so they just merrily cut it out of the hillside and brought it here.  I am impressed–I did not think mortals were so willing to do hard work.

Here we are having the obligatory photo taken next to statue of someone important, carved as a sphinx.


If the human female ever stops plucking her stray chin hairs, she’ll have a beard just like this.

Sigyn has made friends with this Greek-era funerary lion.  She says he looks like he needs a friend.


Yes, Sigyn, it does sort of remind me of Snuffy, the lion in the British Museum.  You have a keen eye.

We have left ancient Egypt behind and are now looking at art, art, and more art.  Between yesterday and today, I have reached my MAMAmaximum allowable monthly dose of art.  I believe I am suffering from a surfeit of Medieval altarpieces.

This exhibit of garden-themed paintings is therefore somewhat refreshing.  Sigyn has fallen in love with this colorful rendering of chrysanthemums by someone called Caillebotte.


Where have I heard that name before?  Ah, yes.  Last year.  We saw his painting of people on a bridge.    I did not know he also painted flowers.  I have learned something.  May I go home now?

Vase, vase, statue.  Painting, altarpiece, painting, etching.  Painting, painting, figurine.  Suit of armor, snuffbox, painting, painting, carving.

All of this looking at art from bygone eras and not caring much is making me hungry.  Surely it is time for a late lunch before we all perish?

Luckily, there is a cafeteria with more than pre-packaged sandwiches.  The human female has chosen a healthy salad.


The human male, on the other hand, has chosen something tasty.


I wouldn’t pat the female on the back for her self-discipline too hard, though.  While the male was briefly out of the room the female ate one of his chicken pieces and the rest of his fries…

Moooooore aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart.  This has become my life.  I live in a museum now.  When I die (I no longer wish to be immortal; someone end this misery) just slap an accession number on me and add me to the collection.

Oh, glorious day!  We are concluding the day’s perambulations, in the gift shop.  Yes, please!  Purchase some over-priced tchotchkes and let us be done.

Sigyn thinks this colored pencil set would suit her admirably.  I have to agree.


They look like they would be easy to handle.

We have finished the day tired and footsore.  The male’s knee is quite painful, and the human female says she feels as if she is coming down with something.  (No doubt yesterday’s wandering about in the rain has contributed to that, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow as well.)  We have therefore opted for an international version of chicken soup.


Where are the noodles?!  There were supposed to be noodles!


Oh.  Under the chicken and vegetables.  Very well.  Carry on.

When we return to the inn, let us have a serious discussion about how we will spend the remaining days of our visit to this city.  I advise you mortals to consider your options carefully.  If there is more art involved, there may be Consequences.  

>|: [

Loki Takes New York, Day 9: Oh! I Just Want to Live Here! (Sigyn speaks)

Oh, I always sleep so well when it’s rainy, don’t you?  We’re all rested and ready for today’s adventures.  Today we’re going to visit a place I’ve been dying to see since I first read about it years ago.  I’m so excited!

Actually, I just love everything about this city–the parks, the museums, the food, the tall buildings.  Even the cheesy souvenirs!


Maybe I’ll pop in and get the I<3 NY pajama pants for myself—and don’t you think Loki would like a tall building of his very own?  It’s not the one we keep trying to go up, but it’s pretty iconic and it would make a great backdrop for my sweetie.

One subway ride and one very obliging M4 bus, and we are finally here!!!  The Cloisters is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Medieval collection, housed in a specially designed building that looks like a castle!


There are all sorts of Medieval columns and doorways and fountains and statuary and artwork and I just love every little pebble of it!

There are four cloisters (colonnaded courtyards), each surrounded by Medieval or Renaissance columns and just stuffed to bursting with colorful flowers.   This is the Trie Cloister.  The columns, which have very fine, carved capitals, are from near Toulouse in France.  What they must have seen in their lifetime!  I wish they could talk.


Yes, Loki, I’m coming.  (I’d like to stay in the garden all day, but someone’s getting restless!)

Everything here is so beautiful!  If asked, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.  How do you compare a stained glass window to a stone angel to …

Oh!!!!!  Do you see it?!   Look, Loki, do you see it!


It is one of the famous Unicorn Tapestries!  THE most famous unicorn tapestry!   Oh, I never thought I’d get to see one!  The plants are so beautiful and so colorful, even after so many hundred years.  And it’s so big!!!  Oh, it was worth coming just for this.

I’m afraid Loki isn’t as excited about all of this as I am.  I have a feeling he is only humoring me.  He is so kind that way.

Now we are in the Treasure Rooms.  This is where they keep all the tiny things that would be swallowed up in the bigger rooms, and that also need to have better lighting.

What a darling little book!  (Yes, Loki, I am “sure it didn’t come out of a box of Cracker Jack.”)


So beautiful–and not lost over so many years!  I’d better not exclaim too much, or I’m sure Loki would try to get it for me.  

Oh, I think I like this last Cloister the best.  it has quince trees and espaliered pear trees on the wall and those big purple Allium balls.


I could just stay here forever, and I know the botanist-Medievalist in the family feels the same way.  I think the menfolks have had enough art and plants for one day, though, and we did skip lunch.  Time for a quick peep through the gift shop and then a trip home.

We’ve stopped between the bus and the train to get dinner.  It’s a chain eatery, but I hear the food is good.  Loki, you’re going to like what I chose.


Turkey and potatoes and veggies.  Just like Thanksgiving!


We are all pretty ravenous.  Won’t be needing a doggie bag!

(later)  What a lovely day.  And it is not over yet!  Our poor photographer is tired, and his knee hurts so he’s going back to the inn, but there is still a concert left if anyone wants to go.   It’s a free concert, so it looks like we’ll have to wait in this loooong line that goes around the block, but the cathedral is BIG, so we’ll probably all fit in.  Maybe?  At any rate, it’s a pleasant evening, and it’s no hardship to stand under a maple tree for an hour.

We made it.  We’re in!  Oh, this place is huuuge…


I know Loki is probably thinking that all those banners would look better with his device on them in black and gold and green, but he has promised not to do any mischief here tonight.

No, Loki.  I can’t see, but don’t you dare blast those nice people in front of us.  I’m sure the acoustics are just fine and we’ll be able to hear perfectly.

Wow!!!  When they start up the organ, the whole building shakes!  It’s very exciting!

(later) That was wonderful!   Thanks for coming with us, Loki.   We have to walk home in the dark, and I feel so much safer with you beside me.

I’m so glad we came on this trip!

: )


Loki Takes New York, Day 8: The Best Laid Plans

My oafish brother Thor gets all the credit for being able to influence the weather, but I do pretty well.  Which is why, when the humans planned to a) visit a church with exceptional stained glass windows and b) explore the city’s other large botanical garden in one of the southern boroughs, I magicked up a cold, soaking rain.

It is even more of a delight traveling about the city today, because for some reason (innocent whistling) most of the trains that run between Manhattan and Brooklyn are not doing so.  This necessitates a switch to a different line and frequent consultation of the subway map.  And much grumbling.

Ehehehehe!   The human female chose to wear a skirt today, and her fancy shoes, and now she’s all soppy-draggly about the hem.  The church photos are dark and dreary, and tempers are beginning to fray.

Now we are all standing, under umbrellas, on the church porch, waiting for…  I don’t know what.  Now there’s a minivan pulling up, there’s a man getting out, and he and the human female are hugging!  And the human male is just standing there!  WHAT IS GOING ON?! 

Oh.  Apparently this man is an old house-mate she hasn’t seen in thirty years.  He lives here and they arranged to meet up today.  Poor fellow, I’m sure he wasn’t prepared for how gray and saggy she’s become.  That’s like to ruin the brunch we’re all headed to have.

So here we all are.  The old housemate has come with his wife and grown up daughter.  They are all going to sit around and talk about the “olden days” and “how much the old home town has changed” and “how awful the traffic is in New York.”  Go ahead and reminisce and blather on, people.  I’ll just eat your omelets while you do.


Bleargh!  By Idunn’s little green apples!  Who puts spinach in an omelet???

Since the rain shows no sign of abating, the former housemate has suggested that we visit a nearby museum, rather than the botanical garden.  This idea has been approved.  Now we just have to figure out which combination of one-way streets will actually bring us to this destination.

Goodbye, former housemate!  See you in another thirty years.

This museum features a suite of rooms taken from some fancy historical house.  I find old furniture and knick-knacks yawn-inducing, but Sigyn is charmed by the tiny replica of the house itself.


Too bad it’s behind glass, my love, or you could explore the miniature garden.

By Thor’s bitty ballpeen!   Is everything in this city for sale?  The entire Egyptian wing is closed to the public today, having been rented out for a private function.  This is beyond infuriating.  When I come to rule this miserable rock, I will have instant access to anything I want, whenever I want it.

One of the exhibits we can view is dedicated to the color blue.  The staff have assembled an assortment of blue items from the various galleries.


Sigyn, of course, has gravitated straight to the glassware.  There are no paperweights, which are her favorites, but this footed dish is nice, I suppose.

This pair of recumbent equines has also caught her eye.


She has named them Tweedledee and Dumbledore.  Dearest, I think you may be mixing your books…

Oh, ho!  Now this is something!


I am quite smitten with this little pagoda-throne.  I need only oust the current occupant so that I may sit as regally as befits my glorious behind.

(later) We were all museumed out.  After retracing our public transit steps and stops and false starts back across the city, we have changed into dry clothes and ventured out for dinner.

We are all of us quite fond of dim sum, and we have found the narrowest little hole in the wall in which to eat some.  Truly, we are seated in what most people would call a hallway,


Alas!  There are no wu gok to be had.  (Ha, mortals!  I had a word with the kitchen.  They usually have them, but not for you.  Not today!)

We shall have to content ourselves with these roast dug egg rolls, pork buns, and other tiny dumplingesque offerings.


We have also tried the soup dumplings, which we did not photograph because they must be eaten whole, in one bite, lest one end up wearing half the soup.

Yawn!  It has been a long day.  The humans accomplished about 50% of their goals, and the weather is too sloppy to try for the top of the Very Tall Building again.  I count that as success.

More mischief tomorrow!

>|: [

Loki Takes New York, Day 7: The Human Female Has Gone Walkabout

The human male’s knee is bothering him even more today, because he didn’t take it as easy as he should yesterday.  The human female, who I suspect has NO nurturing instincts whatsoever, rather than stay at the hotel to take care of him, has gotten it into her head to explore some of the outer reaches of the city on her own.  Apparently she wants to look at places in some book she read.

As hare-brained as that notion is, I actually like this plan.  Divide and conquer.  If I tag along, I can annoy her without the human male interfering.  And maybe I can get her good and lost.  That would be fun!

So here we are, on the 7 train headed for one of the eastern bouroughs.  Sign has joined us because she heard the female talking about a garden.  “Garden” is the magic Sigyn word.  It works even better than “please.”

We have arrived.  But where are we?  Mortal, are you sure we are in the right city?  And not in some foreign country?  I can’t read any of the signs!  (Well, all right.  That one down there says, “pharmacy,” but what about the others?!)


There are a number of fruit sellers, and on this blazing hot day, their succulent wares are quite tempting, but again, I can’t read what anything is.  Those look like watermelons, but who knows what’s inside?


I think the human really may be lost.  She has been standing on the street for a quarter of an hour now, alternately checking the map on her phone, the file of landmarks on her phone, and the “you are here” signpost on the sidewalk.  (Of course, it doesn’t help that I magicked the sign on the post so that it has north at the bottom.)  It’s gonna take her a while to figure it all out.

Rats and hurrah!   She has discovered my little trick and correctly oriented herself (boo!), but she has achieved her destination and Sigyn is happy.


This place is rather pretty for a site that used to be an ash and slag heap.  You see what can be done with a little effort, mortal?  This should fire you up and go home and do something with that disgrace you call a “garden.”


There is a quaint little bridge over a tiny waterfall.  It feels very good to be in the shade after traipsing about and riding the subway all day.


The calendar is suspended somewhere between spring and summer.  Sigyn calls this “spiraea-dangling season.”


And if you can’t find spiraea, fringe-tree will do.


I cannot decide which is more photogenic, this pale-flowered sweet shrub…


… or my beloved Sigyn.

Sigyn is wishing that peonies would grow back in Texas.


Sorry, beloved, there are some things even my magic cannot achieve.

We might be able to do something about roses, though.  This is an inspiring collection.


Well, how rude!  Some group of wealthy mortals has rented out a good portion of this garden for a private party!  The temporary “no entry” signs are almost as annoying as their loud rap “music.”  For depriving my sweetie of the opportunity to enjoy the entirety of this place, I think they will now find that the wedding cake is actually frosted styrofoam and the punch has salt instead of sugar

(later)  After much walking and more time spent on the subway (which is not actually subterranean this far from city center) and some more walking, we have now reached one of the other places the human female has read about.

The International Night Market springs up each Saturday evening like a toadstool after rain.


No one gets in ahead of official opening time when this gorgon is on guard duty!

At last it is time to wander in.  Various morsels and concoctions are filling the air with delicious aromas.  We could, if we chose, dine on octopus balls or shark sandwiches.

Sigyn has elected to try this arepa instead, apparently because she thinks the word is fun to say.  “Arepa.”  “Arrepa.”  “Arrrrepa!”   Good for r-rolling practice, if nothing else.

Sigyn, what even is this?!  poke, poke, poke.  I don’t trust it. 


(nibble.)  Ah.  It is a corn griddle cake of some sort, topped with a crumbly, tangy cheese.  Not bad, but not very satisfying if one has a craving for meat.  I think I saw a grilled steak booth in the last row…  I shall return.

We have now looked at all the food booths and browsed in the wares that are for sale.  We are hot, tired, and ready for a cool shower.  Sigyn, let us teleport back to the inn and leave the human female to slog her way back to the train station, endure a lengthy cross-town ride, and then slog from the train station back to the room.

Then, when she does some of the accumulated laundry in the inn’s washroom, I’ll see to it that the dryer stops after five minutes and eats up aaaall her quarters…

>|: [