Day: July 3, 2018

Can’t Have Nice Things At Work, Either

The human female, her staff, and all the students go through a staggering amount of nitrile gloves every day, every month, every year.  I’ve never figured out if they’re trying to keep lab chemicals and Dead Things Juice off their hands or making sure that their own personal cooties don’t get on lab things.  Either way, it looks like this in every room at the end of every day.

glove can

By my cold, blue Jotun heart, that is a lot of glove waste!

Some time back, the human female learned of a company that is making biodegradable nitrile gloves, and the Departmental Bean-counters have decreed that they are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly gloves that will break down in a landfill in a decade instead of a century.  have decreed that the human female has had a string of boringly smooth product deliveries lately and that her day needs livening up.

The first shipment of the new gloves has just arrived!  It is all very exciting.

Dear me.  Some of the cartons look as if they’ve had a less than comfy trip.


Since the human female didn’t see them arrive, she is wondering which freight company she has to thank for this piece of work.  (I’m not telling!)


Great Frigga’s Corset!  it looks even worse on the other side!


I do believe some of the individual boxes have been breached.

Yes, look!  Ehehehehe.  Nope, there’s no way those can go out in a lab.


You know, I do not have any actual proof that these things will break down any more quickly in a landfill than the regular ones.  But one thing is indisputable…


…they are, in fact, green.

>|: [