Summer Fun(?)

It’s a holiday today, that loud, BOOMY one that I don’t enjoy much.   When I come to rule Midgard, convicted prisoners and/or my enemies are going to be tasked with setting off the fireworks because, while I like fireworks (ooo!  explosions!), I have no desire to touch any ever again.

Other people will cook outdoors, and not a few will set their house on fire because they are too lazy to roll the grill out from under the eaves.

Still others will sit out in the sun all day, swilling beer and watching sporting events.  Sunburn and hangover?  No, thank you.

No, today I will stick to safer recreation.  Maybe walk down the street to the swimming pool–Sigyn is always wanting to go.  I won’t go in (I don’t “do” swim trunks), but I could sit in the shade by the side of the pool with a book.  What could go wrong?

Uh oh.  According to this post card from a local doc-in-the-box, plenty.


Recreational water illnesses?  I guess you can’t be too careful.

>|: [


  1. Are you sure you didn’t make a journey to the city down south? We had flooding and parades getting cancelled. It seemed very much like your brand of “fun”.

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