Day: July 6, 2018

Let’s Make Some More

The human female isn’t satisfied with having covered the kitchen table with gingerbread (both uniform and substandard.)  Oh, no!  She’s over there plotting, trying to come up with a second kind to make, so as to impress the guests.

Sometimes she has good ideas.  Sometimes she…um…  doesn’t.  Sigyn, let us assess the assembled proposed ingredients.


Pecans, cherries, caramel chips, and butterscotch chips.  Are we SURE that these will play nicely together?

The human female has evidently previously opened the bags of chips, no doubt to “assess their quality.”  Likely story.

Ehehehe!  Look Sigyn!  I have successfully broken or hidden so many of the bag clips in this house that she was forced to use the next most clip-like object:


A name tag!  Ehehehehe!

Sigyn thinks this is funny, too, but she thinks it also looks a little sad.


There!  That’s better.  What’s next?  Oh, yes.  The cherries need to be chopped up.  Sigyn has volunteered to do the honors.


How big should the pieces be?  Well, let’s just say, my sweet, that if they’re nearly as tall as you, you should go ahead and make them smaller.


So now we have a whole bowl full of pecans, cherries, and two kinds of chips.  Sigyn just adores butterscotch chips.  If no one keeps an eye on her, she might be tempted to…


… roll around in them.  Sigh.  It’s all right folks, the cookies are going to be baked.

Now it’s time for the wet ingredients.  It’s all mixed up with the brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, and vanilla, but friends, I can tell you that there is a shocking amount of butter and margarine in this bowl!


It always confuses me that sugar goes in with the wet ingredients.  The human female now attempting to explain and says it’s because sugar is hygroscopic and,  blah, blah, blah, not really listening to you drone.

Dry ingredients next:  salt, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda (Don’t ask me the difference.  They’re both white powders.  It could be chalk dust in there, for all I know.  Which gives me an idea for the next batch…)

I hope you measured the flour carefully this time!


And now the mix-ins, including a whole bunch of oatmeal, get mixed in.  Careful, Sigyn!  if you were to fall in, it would take ages to get you clean again.  It’s a very soft, sticky, clingy sort of dough.


(later)  Odin’s eyepatch!  I suppose the inherent lumpiness of the dough precludes uniformity among these cookies, but wow, are they irregular!  No two are remotely the same shape or size.


There are just shy of eight dozen of these rugged individualists.


Which means no one will miss this one…


Nom, nom, nom.

>|: [