Day: July 16, 2018

Floral Carnage

Every year, I see to it that the wild sunflowers spring up all over the humans’ property.

The human female likes them because they bring the birds and squirrels to munch on the seeds.

Sigyn likes them because they are bright and, well, sunny.

I like them because they get ratty-looking pretty quickly as the season progresses, and they make the neighbors shake their head at the general unkemptitude of the yard.  Also, I always make sure that the plants (which are a human female-and-a-half high) grow right up against the driveway.  The human female has to fight them back just to get into her car, and half the time she gets covered in pollen and sticky sap into the bargain.

Seriously, they do crowd.

car ate sunflowers.jpg

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