Day: July 24, 2018

A Loki of Independent Means Means Mischief

I successfully rescued Sigyn from the bowl of perfidious pomes, and we have continued our ramblings about the housewares department.  So far, I’m not finding anything too exciting, and—

Waaaaait a minute!  I spy, with my little eye, a nice array of pointy things!

Better yet, sharp pointy things!  Colorful sharp pointy things!  And look, Sigyn!  There’s one for each of us!  You can cut up real apples with yours, and I can cut up…other things… with mine!


Buy these, humans!

The humans are refusing, saying they already have a sufficiency of knives.

No, mortals, I think you do not understand.  These knives are leaving with us, one way or another.  Either you buy them, or they go out with you.

Lodged in between your T-4 and T-5 vertebrae.  The choice is yours.

Oh, fine.  Rude!  I will buy them myself.  I do have funds, you know.*  And we’ll just see if I ever let you borrow this fine green beauty for mangling mangoes or some such.  Yes, indeedy.

>|: [

*Because I know where you keep your wallet.