Day: July 27, 2018

In Which I am Proved Right Once Again (Flashback Friday)

(A year or so ago:)  The church that the humans attend is planning to expand.  Actually, they are conjugating the verb “to expand.”   They expanded.  They will expand.  They will have been expanding…  Etc.

But let’s throw in the conditional voice:  They might have been expanding.  But they weren’t.  As in, they’ve been planning to do so for a couple of years now, but wranglements with the city have held things up.  False start after false start.

But upon my horned helmet, I think they are going to do it this time.  It is all announced and everything.  The end of the Activity Center is coming off and some new offices and stuff are going on.  But first, that north wall needs to come down.

I  have helpfully started things off.

hole in st marys

Wouldn’t it be funny if things got held up again and this hole just sat there for months and months and months…?

(Today:)  I was right.  It WAS funny!

But this time they swear that construction really is going to start!  Oh, well, I’ve had my laughs.  It’s been fun watching the argling and bargling between the city and the parish, but I can’t keep this up forever.  I’ll go ahead and quit throwing monkey wrenches into the proceedings.

But only because I’m going to be so amused at watching the human male’s parking space go away.

>|: [