Day: July 30, 2018

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait… And Wait

… and wait.

The Powers That Be have been promising the human female new door locks for some of the offices and prep rooms for years now.  Somehow, locks don’t figure very highly in their plans for limited funds, and they keep getting shoved to the bottom of the Departmental Honey-Do list.

Until now.

Three weeks ago, the good folks from Slow, Silent, and Costly came out and rigged up the prep rooms, the main office, and a few other doors with shiny new swipe-card locks.


Just look at that!  Sleek, black, and so highly technical.

So advanced!

So much better than the old ones!

So eagerly-anticipated!

So very not hooked up yet.


Supposedly they’re “Waiting on a part.”

Waiting on a part.

Four little words.  

With them, I can waste time.  I can waste money.

I can watch people standing in the hallway, swiping… and swiping… and swiping…

If human frustration were, say, cheetos, I’d be one happy orange mess.

>|: [