Day: August 7, 2018

Remember to Hydrate—If You Can

Brrr!  We had a cold front blow through, so temperatures have been much cooler recently.  Why, only yesterday it was 94° instead of 102°!

It is still summer, though, and it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the workday.  I keep telling the human female that she needs to pull her head out of her surfing and solitaire and drink her water.  Fortunately, there are not one but two water fountains on the floor where she works.  They are even rigged to have those fancy, save-a-spotted-albatross-or-something, eco-friendly bottle filling nozzles.  All she has to do is mosey a few steps out of her office, cross the hall, and…


Norns’ nighties!  That’s a tad inconvenient!  And the one at the other end of the hall is in a similar predicament.  Tsk, tsk.  I wonder what’s wrong?

Oh, now the building proctor has sent ’round a Stern Memo saying that the drain lines on the fountains on the fourth and third floors are all clogged up because someone individual couldn’t be bothered to use the break room trash and dumped coffee grounds down one of the fountains.

What kind of selfish bastard would do a thing like that?


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