Day: August 15, 2018

Predictable, But Nonetheless Fun

The humans have made a last-minute, mad dash to the Biggish City to the West.  As is usual, we have made time to visit the large market they’re so fond of.  (They’re so predictable!)

Sigyn loves nothing more than exploring the produce department.  At the moment, she is communing with these tiny, solanaceous beauties.


The human male likes the market’s home-squeezed lemon-apple-ginger juice, but I don’t like the stuff.  Can’t stand to be around it.  So I’ve arranged not to have to share the car with any today.


That squealing noise you hear is Sigyn finding that the pasta aisle has jungle noodles.


I’d bet money, though, that she would probably hug them and not cook them.

Last stop is always the floral department.  The humans never buy anything, of course.  A) It’s too long of a ride back for flowers to be happy, and B) They’re cheap.

The posies sure look good on my sweetie, though, don’t they?


She’s my sunshine, all right.

>|: [