Day: August 16, 2018


The humans are taking advantage of the jaunt to the Biggish City to the West to visit a Purveyor of Foreign Goods. 

It seems a friendly place.  This feline has lost no time in greeting Sigyn cheerfully.


I think it is teaching her a little dance.

There is also a display of colorful ceramics.  What knobby little teapots!


Ooh!  Foreign foodstuffs.  Those are always fun to poke about in.   Sigyn is excited about these beans, probably because they’re red.


Oh!  Sigyn, we’ve had this stuff before–these are dessert-y beans, not vegetable beans.  Their usual habitat is buns and dumplings, and they’d make a very odd chili.

See?  The human female says that “daifuku” are little sticky rice cakes, usually full of red bean paste.


This package has red ones and green ones.   I think we need to buy them!

But I’m not sure about those middle buns…


Unidentified Filled Objects?  いいえ、どうもありがとうございます

>|: [