Day: August 29, 2018

Behold, the Muffnut!

The human female doesn’t really need feeding, but the human male has brought her a little something that was on offer in his workgroup.

Look, Sigyn!  It’s a blueberry donut!


Odin’s Eyepatch!  This is a most peculiar donut!  The flip-side of it looks like a muffin!


What is it?  Donut or muffin?  Monut?  Doffin?  Duffin?  Muffnut?  This confounding baked good is neither one nor the other and is vexatious in the extreme.

Sigyn, however, finds it delightful.


Sigh.  Stuck again, but this time, I don’t think she wants to be rescued.

>|: [