Day: August 30, 2018

Does Anyone Know a Good Oneirologist? (Sigyn Speaks)

Sometimes it’s not hard to figure out where my dreams come from.  Dream about herding cats, and most likely I’m afraid of parts of my life being out of my control.  (Hello?  Maybe-married to the God of Mischief!)  Dream about all my teeth falling out and maybe I’m worrying about losing my youthful good looks.  But sometimes I really wonder what’s going on in my noggin.

Take last night.  I dreamed I was walking along and I saw Thor riding up on some sort of weird go-cart/cylcle thing.


That wasn’t unusual.  Thor often comes to visit.  Loki frequently hides when he does, but nothing strange about it.

But this time Thor has the weirdest expression on his face…


Before I can ask him about his vehicle or why he’s grinning like a maniac, here comes Loki, on a little go-cart thingy of his own.


Well, it’s Loki, but not Loki, if you know what I mean.


And he looks a little possessed too.  And he had this glowy blue crystal thingy instead of Gungnir.

So there’s the two of them, both somehow shorter than me and grinning like fiends, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or run…


Except it was one of those dreams where you can’t run.  All I could do was watch them circling one another, like they’d driven up just to have some epic battle in front of me.


But before it comes to actual blows, they just give one another a look…


…and then zoom off again, each driving the other’s car.


No goodbye.  No “see you later.”  No “want a ride on my cool new lightning-mobile?”


While I’m trying to figure it all out, suddenly the scene changes, and somehow Loki and I are part of the circus and we’re practicing our trick riding…


…and then I woke up.

What on earth do you suppose it all means?

: (