Day: September 4, 2018

Loki’s New Clothes

See, Sigyn?  Look at the edges, there.  My cloak is getting all worn and frayed.


Mischief plays havoc even with the finest textiles.

Actually,  I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been wearing this same style for years.   Maybe it’s time for a new look?  I mean, I want to stick with green and gold, and I’m all about the leather, but maybe it would be good to change things up a bit?

Anyway, there’s this famous designer.  I haven’t used her services before, but I hear she’s very, very good.

Let’s go see if she can help.


She does a lot of work for super-powered people, so she really knows the demands that a life of action places on fabric and accessories.

If what I’ve heard is true, though, I’m pretty sure what she’ll tell me first.


“No capes.”

>|: [