Day: September 5, 2018

Teeny Little Mischief Update

I don’t have time for a full mischief update today, but I can tell you how the broken refrigerator drawer turned out.

The human female found the superglue.


Pardon me, “Krazy glue ®.”    Must be specific.  (Mortals set great store by brand names.)

Then she had a good hunt ’round for the plastic bit that had broken off.  Hadn’t she put it in a safe place?  Why yes, she had!

I’d moved it, of course.

It was then time to reunite drawer and plastic bit.


That is when she noticed that the corresponding bit on the other side of the drawer was also gone.  Thanks to my mischiefy magic, she was quite unable to figure out where exactly the bit she had went, or how to attach it.

Thus, the drawer remains unfixed, and there is a little, anonymous bit of plastic awaiting the aid of someone more clever than she.

All hail the status quo.

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