Day: September 12, 2018

Gastronomy Week, Part II: The National Food of Texas

At work, the human female usually dines al desko at lunchtime, but today her work group has gone out to eat, celebrating several people’s work anniversaries.  The human female has now been in her current position five years and with the University thirty-three.  Old. She is definitely old.

The human female’s boss–whose treat it is—has chosen the venue.  It’s a casual restaurant, one of those where diners give their order at the counter and then sit and wait for it to come out.

You can tell it’s a classy place by the salt and ketchup holder.


And what is the fare?  Barbecue, of course!  This place is all about smoky, saucy dead critters of all kinds.  The human female has chosen a sliced brisket sandwich.  Sliced brisket is the national food of Texas.  I have learned, during my sojourn here, to appreciate it.


It is also a favorite of hyenas.  Bad fisi!  Drop it!

Or else steal me another slice.

Nom nom nom.  There is a lot of beef going on here, along with buckets of “sides” and a gallon or so of sauce.  Which means there are definitely some greasy chins and hands around this table.

Good thing there’s a roll of napkins right here.


Grab me one, will you?

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