Day: October 3, 2018

She Has Finally Succumbed, Part I: The Show

Longtime minions will recall that the human female has a love-hate relationship with fountain pens stretching back many years and recounted in many posts.  Over the years, she has found a few she can write with without besmirching herself to the elbows, and she’s always been fascinated with all the fancy colored inks.  Recently, she has given up and given in to the fountain pen obsession that grips the other member of the household, and she has wangled the day off to accompany the human male and two Pen Friends to the big Pen Show in the Big City to the North.

Sigyn and I have tagged along.  Sigyn, because she likes colors and people; I, because I am always looking for mischief opportunities, and a room full of expensive merchandise and stainy liquids seems like fertile soil.

I’ve scored before we’ve even arrived!  I just distracted the human male while he was driving, so he has missed his exit and has had to turn around.  The slight delay means he will miss his chance to get his name on the list to have one of his pens adjusted by a Master.  Ehehehehe!  This is fun already!

The show is being held in two big, adjoining rooms in a fairly swanky hotel.  It’s still early in the two-day event, but the crowd is sizeable and growing.


You can practically smell the nerdiness.

There is a very bizarre desk set near the booth of the Master doing the pen-altering.


Sigyn, stop!  Do not do what the sign says!  You don’t know where those creatures have been.

This vendor is selling colorful pen pouches.


Odin’s eyepatch!  Can I go nowhere without running into my brother or his horrible friends?!

While many of the vendors are showcasing the most recent, must-have merchandise, there are quite a few purveyors of vintage or antique writing implements.


Sigyn is drawn to the ones that look as if they might have been bright red once.


While I have just discovered that green seems to have been a popular color.  There are dozens and dozens that look just like this, all over the show.  The price is ridiculous on this batch, though, so I will keep looking.

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