Day: October 9, 2018

Has She Finally Succumbed, Part IV: Fancy A Bit of a Marketing,Old Chap?

We are finally on the road.  However, we do not seem to be GOING anywhere!  We are crawling s l o w l y down what ought to be an expressway.  Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Why is nothing moving?

In the interest of not having the human male explode, we are taking a brief detour to one of this city’s Large Markets, in hopes that the traffic stupidity will have abated by the time we venture out again.

Well, this is different.

The Large Market frequently has elaborate promotions, focusing all of its time, attention, and floor space to a particular food or a particular season, or a particular corner of this pitiful planet.  (If you recall, Sigyn and I stumbled upon a previous celebration once.)  What are they championing this time?

Oh, this is familiar!


I can just tell that the human female is about to be overcome with nostalgia. This is a tiny store, as far as Large Markets go, but it still seems to be full of all sorts of Limey comestibles.  By all means, let us explore!

But first–the requisite  meander through the produce section!  Sigyn, of course, is smitten with the red pears.


These are organic, so each one is its own peculiar shape.  Definitely more interesting than regular pears.

The tiny potatoes, evidently, are also squee-worthy.


And here is a horse  dragonfruit of a different color.  I did not know these came in yellow.


Now she has both of her favorite colors!  But they are definitely not British!

Let’s see…   Ah, yes.  The bakery seems to be doing more with the theme.  Sally Lunn cake, treacle tart, and a plethora of scones.   Mmmm….  The human female has chosen an orange-cranberry scone and plans to start in on it right away.  I’ve yet to find the perfect–



Um, hello, old chaps!


I know a bloke who likes to try all sorts of strangely flavored chips crisps.  Right this way…

>|: [