How to Make the Human Female Lose Her Cool

What’s the best part of the work day?  Lunch, of course!


It’s a pity, then, that the big cooling chamber in the break room has died in a cloud of burning-electrics-smell and that the human female and her staff have had to unload all the contents into two large coolers, borrowed from another building, filled with ice, and lugged down the hallway.


(later) Good news!  The Department’s Instument Tech was able to repair the fridge, so everything was loaded back into it.

(still later) Bad news!  The fridge has declared, “No, really, I am MOSTLY DEAD.”   Back everything goes into the coolers!  Or, if people are feeling lucky, the freezer’s about as cold as the fridge should be and the fridge is, well, a few degrees off room temperature.

Guess who, armed with a departmental charge card, gets to go and buy a new fridge and arrange for its delivery?

Just try not to lose your ID in the store parking lot this time, eh?


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