Day: October 26, 2018

Fun With Tropical Fruit

Sigyn, come look!  There’s something weird in the break room!


Do you know what that is?  Because I surely don’t!  I don’t trust it!

<knock, knock, knock>

Doesn’t seem dangerous—not like the last round, dark whatsit I investigated.  But whatever it is, it has a VERY hard outside!

It seems…plantoid.   By Idunn’s Fancy Orchard!   It’s a UFOUnidentified Fruity Object!

Help me roll it around so we can look at the the other side.


Oh, now I know what it is!  On her last trip out of town, the human female found this in a Large Market.  It’s apparently a fruit that it’s nearly impossible to find fresh in this country.  What did she call it?  Not “mango”–I know what a mango is.  But something like that… Mango-steve?  Maybe?  I can’t remember.

She said they’re supposed to  be delectably sweet and somewhat floral inside.  But how does one open one?

Stand back, Sigyn!  She’s got a big knife and now she’s hacking away at the rind.  Bits are flying everywhere!

There!  Finally!

Odin’s eyepatch!  I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be gray and slimy inside!  After all that build-up, what a terrible let-down!

I will spare readers an image of the guts of this foul object, and refer you to someone who knows more about how to choose, store, and eat one of these things.

Come on, my love, and we’ll go find some other sort of fruit.  The apples may be boring, but at least they’re not rotten.

>|: [